We're on a mission to create change.

Our passion is to reduce the nasty chemicals and plastics entering our oceans and lands. We have created an All natural Surf Wax using only 3 natural ingredients. The main ingredient is Beeswax. As surfers, we are very much aware of the plastics in the sea and on our beaches. This surf wax is produced by hand by us using Local beeswax which helps to keep the bee colonies in demand and by doing so increasing the condition of the environments for plants and animals to exist in and also by pollinating our vegetable plants.

The wax is Chemical and Plastic-free and the packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable safe. There are no glues used in any of the processes. Keeping it clean Since 2020.

We hope to improve the oceans by providing this natural beeswax surf wax that does not contaminated our precious seas that we all enjoy.

Keep stuck to your board with a colourful clean natural Wax from us @stingyring

We also have a sister company WaxhiveWraps where we produce a Beeswax Food Wrap to help start the reduction in Single-use Plastics Check them out at www.waxhivewraps.com

Peace and surf your brains out 🙂


Coconut Oil

Pine Tree Resin